Senior System Analyst
Required experience: not required
Full-time, full day
Responsibilities include:
  • Gathering, analyzing, documenting, and managing requirements for development.
  • Analysis and finding optimal solutions for implementing Customer requirements in the System and other related systems (Billing, PCRF, GGSN, Digital, CRM, 1C, etc.).
  • Preparing documentation for development, supporting stages of IT system design.
  • Agreeing on changes in the System/s with developers and external departments.
  • Validating project solutions for compliance with company's technical policy and security policy.
  • Assessing the impacts of changes before their implementation and promptly involving relevant experts in the change approval process.
Required qualifications include:
  • Business and systems analysis skills for building IT solutions.
  • Knowledge of analysis tools and techniques.
  • Understanding of MVP principles and ability to correctly decompose tasks.
  • Skills to transform complex concepts and models into understandable visual representations, in BPMN/UML/EPC/IDEF0/IDEF3 or similar notations.
  • Requirements documentation, knowledge of requirements documentation tools – Confluence/JIRA.
  • Knowledge of software development life cycle and major software development methodologies.
  • Knowledge of design patterns.
  • Understanding of architectural principles for integration solutions (SOA, ESB, REST, SOAP).
  • Knowledge of SQL databases and principles of building DWH, ETL procedures.
  • Understanding of DevOps tasks.
  • Ability to work in Agile/Scrum teams.
  • Skills in interacting with UI/UX team.
Perks and Benefits include:
  • Professional development: participation in meetups, trainings, conferences, demo days, and hackathons.
  • Additional 4 days of vacation a total of 28 calendar days per year.
  • Yearly bonus based on KPI achievements.
  • Corporate mobile communication.
  • Voluntary medical insurance with dental care and medication with the option to add two close relatives for free.
  • Fitness memberships with discounts and installment options.
  • Monetary compensation for using personal laptop.
  • Online platform for free psychological assistance.
  • Access to the corporate online library MyBook.
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