Senior iOS Developer
Required experience: 3-6 years
Full-time, full day
Responsibilities include:
  • Developing new features for iOS mobile applications;
  • Refining existing functionality (including incident fixes reported by support);
  • Initial testing of new developments/updates, including code review (iOS) by the development team;
  • Developing and conducting modular testing (UNIT tests);
  • Optimizing the codebase of iOS mobile applications;
  • Reducing response time of iOS user interfaces;
  • Ensuring availability and speed of iOS mobile applications;
  • Researching, analyzing applicability, and piloting new mobile application technologies and frameworks;
  • Ensuring quality analysis and root cause elimination of crashes, failures, and low performance of iOS mobile applications;
  • Participation in department meetings on product development and operation matters;
  • Contribution to the development roadmap of the platform;
  • Finding ways to improve accepted software development practices.
Required qualifications include:
  • 2 years of experience in software development;
  • Experience with complex TableView, CollectionView;
  • Application of SOLID principles;
  • Experience with Reactive/Promise;
  • Experience with fastlane, DI (Swinject), code generation (Generamba);
  • Experience with network: URlSession/Alamofire/Moya;
  • Experience with GCD: (Race Condition, Deadlock);
  • Experience in writing unit tests.
In addition to a stable salary we offer:
  • Hybrid or remote work format and flexible start of the workday;
  • Professional development: participation in meetups, trainings, conferences, demo days, and hackathons;
  • Additional 4 days of vacation — total of 28 calendar days per year;
  • Annual bonus based on KPI achievements;
  • Corporate mobile communication;
  • Voluntary medical insurance with dentistry and medication coverage, with the option to add two close relatives for free;
  • Fitness memberships with discounts and installment plans;
  • Cash compensation for using a personal laptop;
  • Online platform for free psychological assistance;
  • Access to the corporate online library MyBook.
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