Senior Engineer of Quality Control Department for Services and Local Solutions
Required work experience: 1-3 years
Full-time, full day
Responsibilities include:
  • Formulating technical tasks for optimizing interaction processes regarding quality issues (for Request, Online-BTS system modification)
  • Ensuring prompt identification of reasons for network quality degradation within specified deadlines based on technical KPIs or subscriber complaints, if necessary, escalate to relevant departments
  • Conducting real-time measurements using OSS system functionality (real-time KPI measurements, subscriber traces, sectors, etc.)
  • Monitoring key network indicators in quasi-real-time and escalating degradations
  • Preparation of reports on network KPI degradations, PUT, analytical reports on network utilization, analytical reports on customer complaints
  • Administration of the Solution Checker system, maintaining the relevance of the Solution Checker database
  • Support and analysis of traces of VIP subscribers
Required qualifications include:
  • Higher education
  • Work experience in the telecommunications industry of at least 1 year
  • Experience with software complexes Atoll, Capesso, Tems Cellplanner, Aircom Asset, Terms Investigation, Tems Discovery, Aircom Optima, Nastar, or others
  • Experience with quality control tools for international calls (Sigos, Arptel, Kalix)
  • Experience with OSS systems of radio network equipment manufacturers
  • Experience in signal trace analysis
  • Basic knowledge of Python, MySQL, and PHP.
In addition to a convenient schedule, you will have:
  • Shift work schedule;
  • Bonuses;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Annual leave of 28 calendar days;
  • Cell phone allowance.
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