Middle System Analyst (Loyalty)
Required experience: 3-6 years
Full-time, full day
Responsibilities include:
  • Identify and analyze business requirements, optimizing them for efficiency and effectiveness. Conduct technical analysis to pinpoint necessary changes in our digital systems and associated platforms.
  • Design technical solutions required to implement business requirements
  • Document technical specifications and proposed solutions using our confluence platform.
  • Provide support to the development team during implementation
  • Provide hands-on support to the development team throughout the implementation process.
  • Prepare technical documentation
Required qualifications include:
  • Knowledge of architectural design patterns for IT solutions (service-oriented, micro-services, event-driven, monolithic, etc.)
  • Skills in designing REST APIs.
  • Proficiency in SQL and principles of database design
  • Business and system analysis skills for building IT solutions
  • Knowledge of various analysis techniques.
  • Ability to correctly systematize, decompose, and identify correlations.
  • Familiarity with structuring and describing requirements
  • Experience with BPMN/UML notation or similar models
  • Proficiency in using tools such as Confluence / JIRA, Postman, Swagger, and Git
  • Proper understanding of the software development life cycle and major software development methodologies
  • Basic understanding of UI/UX
  • Ability to think critically and systematically
  • Experience working with Agile and Scrum teams.
Perks and Benefits include:
  • Hybrid or remote work format and a flexible start to the workday.
  • Professional development opportunities including participation in meet-ups, training sessions, conferences, demo days, and hackathons.
  • An Additional 4 days of vacation — totaling 28 calendar days per year.
  • Annual bonus based on KPI achievement.
  • Corporate mobile communication.
  • Voluntary medical insurance including dental care and medications with the option to add two close relatives for free.
  • Discounted and installment-based fitness memberships.
  • Monetary compensation for using personal laptops.
  • Online platform for free psychological assistance.
  • Access to the corporate online library MyBook.
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