Senior Business Development Specialist
Required work experience: 1–3 years
Full-time, full day
Responsibilities include:
  • Selling company products and services to current clients in the large business segment, attracting new clients;
  • Analyzing the indicators of the assigned portfolio to form tasks for retaining/increasing current revenue and active base;
  • Searching for and attracting new clients;
  • Developing a strategy for attracting clients to your portfolio, conducting negotiations;
  • Working with the current portfolio;
  • Developing a plan for developing partner relationships with clients: determining a set of services and products to offer the client, the sequence of offers, communication channels, contacts on the client side for each product;
  • Initiating the preparation of contracts with clients, as well as gathering client comments, coordinating the company's departments' activities to sign the contract with the client.
Required qualifications include:
  • 2 years of experience in sales or service working with B2B clients;
  • Knowledgeable Specifics of working with corporate clients (B2B); Sales cycle;
  • Development of commercial terms and agreements;
  • Procedures and conditions for concluding commercial deals, methods of motivating and delivering goods and services to consumers;
  • Deal management (advancing the deal from the potential sale stage to contract signing);
  • Basic requirements for the procedure for concluding and formalizing contracts and related documents.
In addition to career growth official employment we offer:
  • Stable income and quarterly bonuses;
  • Corporate mobile communication;
  • 28 calendar days of vacation;
  • Additional medical insurance;
  • Compensation for "Yandex Taxi" when attending meetings.
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