Senior Agile Coach
Required experience: 1–3 years
Full-time, full day
Responsibilities include:
  • Change Management: Participate in change management processes to ensure the implementation of Agile approaches and facilitate adaptation to changes.
  • Process Support: Engage in designing and supporting Agile processes within the organization, adapting them to unique needs.
  • Functional Leadership: Collaborate with other Agile coaches and Scrum Masters in the company to synchronize, exchange experiences, and share practices.
  • Support and Consultation: Assist teams and leaders in implementing Agile practices and principles.
  • Team Development: Aid in forming highly effective teams capable of self-management and decision-making, prioritizing team tasks.
  • Provide open feedback to team members and leaders for continuous improvement of processes and overall work.
  • Conflict Resolution: Participate in conflict resolution, encourage open discussion, and seek constructive solutions.
  • Consultation on process improvement and efficiency.
  • Facilitation events at the company and management levels.
  • Coaching Leaders: Support leaders and managers in changing management styles to develop a culture based on Agile principles and values.
Required qualifications include:
  • Bachelor's degree.
  • Agile and Scrum certification, coaching education.
  • Experience in scaling Agile, implementing transformational changes, developing and implementing innovation management processes, and launching strategy execution programs for 5 years or more.
  • Knowledge of fundamental principles of project and business process management: in business administration, project management, and strategic planning.
  • Experience in the telecom industry is a plus.
  • Strong communication skills, flexibility, and adaptability to changes in processes and requirements.
  • Systematic thinking, motivated and inspiring leadership.
Perks and Benefits include:
  • Opportunities for professional development, including participation in meet-ups, training sessions, conferences, demo days, and hackathons.
  • Additional 4 days of vacation, totaling 28 calendar days per year.
  • Annual bonus based on KPI achievement.
  • Corporate mobile communication.
  • Voluntary medical insurance covering dental care and medications, with the option to add two close relatives for free.
  • Discounted and installment-based fitness memberships.
  • Monetary compensation for using personal laptops.
  • Online platform for free psychological assistance
  • Access to the corporate online library MyBook.
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