Cluster Engineer
(Regional Network Operations Department)
Required work experience: 1–3 years
Full-time, shift schedule
Almaty city
Responsibilities include:
  • Address technical issues related to maintaining the functionality of base station equipment and radio relay lines.
  • Ensure the proper operation of electrical installations.
  • Perform setup, adjustment, configuration, and programming of MRR, base station, and electrical equipment.
  • Maintain records of the connection, integration, and acceptance of base stations and radio relay lines into operation.
  • Adhere to occupational safety and health regulations during operation and emergency resolution.
Required qualifications include:
  • Higher technical education.
  • Experience in the telecommunications field.
  • Skills in installing telecommunications equipment, AFU, and microwave radio relay (MRR) equipment.
  • Experience working with data transmission equipment and MRR equipment.
  • Skills in organizing and conducting installation work for power supply and low-current systems.
  • Knowledge of the theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering and radio engineering.
  • Possession of a 3rd group electrical safety certification.
  • Experience working with uninterruptible power supplies, portable generator devices, and diesel generators.
  • Proficient user of MS Office.
In addition to a convenient schedule, other pros include:
  • Shift work schedule.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Annual leave of 28 calendar days.
  • Mobile phone subscription payment.
  • Monthly bonus subject to KPI achievement.
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